Experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves, this is where it starts. You will learn diving while having great fun.

  Knowledge development

  Confined water diving practice

  Diving equipment knowledge

  4D3N explore the lovely sea


Advance your diving skill, explore deeper and identify reef fish, work on your buoyancy, night dive, shipwreck and many more.

  Peak performance buoyancy

  Fish identification

  Search & recovery

  Deep Dive(30m+)


Snorkeling / Kayaking

Glide past the waters on a kayak or discover the mysteries of the underwater world and the beautiful, graceful creatures that exist under the waves. Grab a snorkel and get up close to them.

  Great Sunset Watch

  Enjoy The Breathtaking View

  Fascinating Marine Life

  Experience Warm And Calm Sea

in-waves dive with us
Leisure Dives

We will introduce you to the top diving sites that the island and we ensure you’ll experience the very best of this stunning destination and the exciting world that is waiting beneath the waves.

  Explore Top Dive Site

  Open Water Certification Require

  Fascinating Marine Life

  Experience Warm And Calm Sea



Sitting like an emerald dragon guarding the translucent waters of the South China Sea, Tioman Island offers every possible shade of paradise. There's cascading waterfalls, rigorous jungle hikes that take you past hibiscus blooms under an evergreen canopy, and a wide range of laid-back villages facing onto idyllic beaches. And then there's the sea. That gorgeous sea of greens, blues and chartreuse swirls that beckons you to paddle, snorkel, dive and sail. At 20km long and 11km wide, the island is so spacious that your ideal holiday spot is surely here somewhere. Tekek, Tioman’s largest village and its administrative centre, is where ferries arrive from Mersing (in Johor) and Tanjung Gemok (in Pahang). Other beachside villages and resorts are a short water taxi ride or drive away. Despite its popularity, Tioman retains an unspoiled feel, with pristine wilderness and friendly, authentic village life.
The most suitable time to visit Pulau Tioman Malaysia is between the months of March and October. From October end to March beginning, monsoon starts in the island and most of the resorts will be closed during these months.
Pulau Tioman Malaysia has around 20 diving sites and all of them are located within a distance of 30 minutes. Tioman Island is best for both beginners and experts in diving. In the island, you can find training courses for diving. Scuba diving is good for any type of divers. Tioman Island is a place where you can enjoy macro underwater photography and night diving. Some of the popular diving sites in Pulau Tioman Malaysia are Tiger Reef, Soyak Island, Fan Canyon spot, Salang Bay, Renggis, Marine Park, Chebeh, Teluk Kador, Malang rocks, Roger’s Reef, etc. While diving, the divers can see school of fishes, rays, reef sharks, turtles, soft and hard corals, whale sharks, etc., under the crystal-clear waters.
Tioman is a tax free island. Ok, so it's not a place where you can go to shop for clothes, but you can buy cheap food and liquor and even diving equipment in Tekek.
Ferry’s to Tioman leave on a regular basis and depart from Mersing and sometimes Tanjung Gemuk. The ferry departure times are dependent on the tide, so the schedule is different each month. The ferry company will release the ferry schedule 3 weeks before the start of the new month. Tickets cost RM35 one way for Adults, Children RM30. It takes about 2hours to get to Tioman, along the way the boat will normally make 5 stops in this order, Kampung(village) Genting, Kampung Paya, Kampung Tekek (where we are based), Kampung Air Batang(ABC) and finally Kampung Salang.
We can arrange the transport pick up from anywhere in the Kuala Lumpur, JohorBahru and singapore area, and bring you directly to Mersing, please let us know in the enquiry form so we can arrange this for you.



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